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Slough away winter blues (and dry skin!) with Cocooning Biocosmetics
Cocooning Spring

I‘m starting a series of highlighting different Swiss designers and artisans that I feature in my store.  That way, you, my faithful clients get to learn more about the Swiss people designing and creating these top quality products. Today’s highlight is Cocooning Biocosmetics. 

As we head slowly into spring, trying to catch glimpses of « new life » and leave the longest winter ever behind, I find it therapeutic to pamper myself a bit and take care of my dry skin, so when spring and summer finally do come, my skin is ready.  This is why I’ve chosen to highlight Cocooning Biocosmetics today as their products are ideal for great skin care. 

Cocooning Biocosmetics was the brain child of a husband and wife whose son had allergic reactions to store-bought baby products.  They were convinced that an all-natural approach was the solution to his skin problems. So in 2007 they created their business, creating products that  combine this philosophy with their passion for all natural, high quality ingredients. They have since created a team of passionate artisans, who use ancestral methods, to create high quality skin care products.

Their mission statement claims that they produce products for our well being while at the same time respecting the environment and encouraging a humane society. They use only the highest qualtiy plant based products , use recycled packaging and materials whenever possible, encourage a healthy and respectful work environment, and never do any testing on animals. 

For over 10 years this Swiss company has been providing beautiful skin care products to its clients. It’s a recognized brand and has made a name for itself in the Swiss market. Their products are definitely staying on my shelves as they a perfect fit for vachement suisse