Biking buffs head to Champex this weekend!

Champex is known for its beautiful scenery and is a great spot for sports enthusiasts. Whether it’s a stroll around the lake, hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc or paddle boarding, there’s something for everyone. Champex also attracts many bikers who love the challenge of the steep climb. On Saturday July 20th, the Italian “Tour du Val d’Aosta” will include an entirely Swiss stage and pass through Champex! This bike race is reserved for bikers under 23 years old who are part of the UCI Continental circuit. The bikers start in Orsières at 11h30 and are expected to pass through Champex at 11h45.

Following this Italian bike race is the 5th annual IAM Challenge, open to the public. It makes its ascent to Champex from the other side of the mountain - Bovernier. It’s a 12 km ride - short but steep, climbing 844 meters. For children there’s a shorter race, from Champex d’en Bas, covering a distance of 3.5 km. Both races are free for participants.

The shop will be open all day to welcome visitors coming to watch or participate in these events!

For more info on these events check out the Champex tourist office.

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Limited edition spring shoes have arrived!

These wool sneakers are moisture-resistant and temperature-regulating, ready to take on any spring weather. They are naturally antibacterial so reduce the chance of stinky feet...even without socks! These shoes don't even need to be worn in - super comfortable from day one!

If you are interested send me an email before it’s too late!

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Spring in Champex

Just back from a great family holiday over Easter break. The shop will remain closed until this summer but please feel free to contact me if you’d like to visit it. I am happy to open it by appointment! And as usual, keep checking the site for new arrivals and sales or sign up to receive all info and special offers! Happy shopping!

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#enpistes comes to Champex!

This Saturday, January 26, 2019, join Le Nouvelliste, Provins, the Valais Snowsports Fondation and Sonoval for a free aperitif at La Breya in Champex-lac! From January to April, the Nouvelliste is taking us on a tour through the Valais to discover different ski resorts. There will be a DJ, contests, photos, activities and food!

The boutique will be open in the afternoon so stop by to see what else Champex has to offer!

Learn more about #enpistes

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The "creux" de January

The locals call it “le creux de janvier” or the “hole” - it implies that January is a very quiet month in regards to tourism, sandwiched between the busy Christmas and New Year’s holidays and the February winter breaks. It’s actually a great time to check out the resorts and miss the crowds if you have the flexibility to do so!

Due to the “creux” my shop will be open upon request (and I really will open if you’d like to visit!!). But my online shop of course remains open 24/7! Happy January!

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Winter hours

The shop is open every afternoon during the winter holidays from 14h to 17h! Hope to see you!!

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The Haute Route

The snow is melting, the chair lifts have closed, the ski season is over, and it’s still too early to lace up the hiking boots and go for a proper hike in the Alps, so what are all these people doing walking through Champex with backpacks, hiking boots and skis on their backs??? It’s that time of year, in-between seasons, where serious mountain lovers take on the "Haute Route", originally known as "The High Level Route".  The Haute Route is a trail between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland where serious mountaineers do a combination of skiing and hiking to cover a 180km trail, taking anywhere from 7 to 12 days. They go from the base of Mont Blanc to the base of the Matterhorn, 2 of the most famous mountains in the Alps.  Spring is definitely a quieter time of year in the mountains and resorts, so if you’re looking for a real physical challenge and some peace and quiet in nature, this might be the thing for you ! And if you’re looking for a great place to stay in Champex,  try the Hotel Mont Lac (with spa !) to rest for the night and recuperate for the next day ahead! 

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The unexpected Swiss "sport"
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.49.59.png

Switzerland may seem like the picture of perfect - serene, picturesque, clean, neutral, but there are some elements of Swiss culture that may surprise you. This particular tradition is specific to the Valais region, where I live. This unepected tradition is cow fighting, otherwise known as "Le Combat de Reines", or the fight of the queens…

Every spring the cows belonging to the Hérens race instictually instigate a fight with their female counterparts to determine the "Queen" of the troop and who will lead them up the mountain to pasture.  This practice happens spontaneously between the cows. One female will turn towards another, snort, and paw the ground to let her know she wants to fight. The opponent will either return the gesture or just walk away. If she accepts, they lock horns and continue to push each other with all their strength until one backs down and turns away. It is a bloodless and harmless fight .

In addition to these spontaneous combats,  it has also become an organized spectator’s sport in the Valais . You can attend numerous fights throughout the spring and even place bets on your favorite. 

This is an extremely unique event that the Valaisans are quite proud of and is growing in popularity in the realm of Swiss tourism. So next time you’re in the Valais and looking for something to do, check with your local tourist office to try to catch a "combat". You’ll get a real taste of the Valaisan spirit – anything but serene and neutral !  

Get your very own hand carved fighting cow here!

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Slough away winter blues (and dry skin!) with Cocooning Biocosmetics
Cocooning Spring

I‘m starting a series of highlighting different Swiss designers and artisans that I feature in my store.  That way, you, my faithful clients get to learn more about the Swiss people designing and creating these top quality products. Today’s highlight is Cocooning Biocosmetics. 

As we head slowly into spring, trying to catch glimpses of « new life » and leave the longest winter ever behind, I find it therapeutic to pamper myself a bit and take care of my dry skin, so when spring and summer finally do come, my skin is ready.  This is why I’ve chosen to highlight Cocooning Biocosmetics today as their products are ideal for great skin care. 

Cocooning Biocosmetics was the brain child of a husband and wife whose son had allergic reactions to store-bought baby products.  They were convinced that an all-natural approach was the solution to his skin problems. So in 2007 they created their business, creating products that  combine this philosophy with their passion for all natural, high quality ingredients. They have since created a team of passionate artisans, who use ancestral methods, to create high quality skin care products.

Their mission statement claims that they produce products for our well being while at the same time respecting the environment and encouraging a humane society. They use only the highest qualtiy plant based products , use recycled packaging and materials whenever possible, encourage a healthy and respectful work environment, and never do any testing on animals. 

For over 10 years this Swiss company has been providing beautiful skin care products to its clients. It’s a recognized brand and has made a name for itself in the Swiss market. Their products are definitely staying on my shelves as they a perfect fit for vachement suisse

Countdown to Christmas!

Celebrate Advent with Vachement Suisse's
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Stand up paddle is the new trend!

This Saturday, August 5th, come check out and participate in the Stand Up Challenge in Champex! From 10h - 19h you can try out the boards and even participate in races - for kids, adults, men and women. There will be a lakeside bar with homemade sausages and followed up by a concert by Jackstaff at the Promenade

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Show your Swiss Spirit!

Celebrate August 1st with 


Express your Swiss patriotism with Swiss designed items from our boutique! We have t-shirts and hoodies with the store logo as well as numerous items displaying the beloved Swiss flag. Show your Swiss pride!

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