Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all the products made in Switzerland?

90% of the items are made in Switzerland. If it wasn't made in Switzerland the idea was born here or it was designed here.

Can items be shipped? What is your return policy?

Yes, items can be both shipped and returned. Please visit our shipping and returns page here

Can I find your products cheaper somewhere else?

I do not believe you can find my products cheaper elsewhere, though I am happy to price match if this is the case. And while I know you can purchase my products elsewhere, I appreciate you supporting my small  business. 

How do I submit my own products to be carried by your store?

Please send an email to introducing yourself and your products. I will contact you if your products fit Vachement Suisse's concept and I think we could form an eventual business relationship. 

How do I get to Champex?

Champex is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from the Geneva International airport. You can also take a train from anywhere in Europe to the town of Orsières, then take a bus up to Champex. 

What is the Tour du Mont Blanc?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the best know long-distance hikes in Europe. It encircles the Mont Blanc Massif, passes through Switzerland, France and Italy, and is approximately 170 km long. Champex is one of the destinations on the Tour. 

How the heck did a girl from Kansas City end up in Champex?

True story: as a little girl, I told anyone who would listen that I would live in the Swiss Alps when I grew up and was also known to be somewhat obsessed with cows. As fate would have it, after studying French and living in Paris for a year, I met my husband at a bar in Kansas City and three years later moved to Geneva with him. We came back to his lovely hometown of Champex to raise a family and to continue in the tradition of his parents and grandparents as hotelier and restaurant owners. We hope you will visit our other establishments, the Hotel Mont Lac and Mimi's Lounge.