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About me


Living out my childhood dream in the Swiss Alps.


Growing up in the American midwest I had a dream of living in the Swiss Alps one day, specifically in a glass house! Later, while attending Emory University, I chose to study the French language and culture, not really knowing where it would take me. By complete chance, I met my French-speaking Swiss husband in my hometown of Kansas City and returned with him to Switzerland to get married and start a family. 20 years later, we are raising our 4 children in his hometown of Champex, a small resort on a glacial lake tucked up in the Swiss Alps. As my passion for my adopted country grew even stronger, I felt compelled to share the beautiful qualities of the Alpine lifestyle with people all over the world as well as here in my community. I began discovering products and creations by Swiss artists, designers and artisans and decided to open an online boutique as well as a cosy storefront in the center of Champex. I feature small family businesses, women-owned businesses, artisans, ethically conscious businesses as well as some of my own creations. I feel so blessed to be living out my childhood dream and enjoying the incredible quality of life here in the Swiss Alps, and it excites me to share it with you!

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Vachement Suisse features a variety of goods ranging from home design and semi-precious jewelry to hand made wooden toys and unique shirts celebrating Champex, the Tour du Mont Blanc, and Swiss culture. Each season we'll come out with new t-shirt designs and products. 

Behind the name.

The word "vachement" is a familiar word in French meaning "very" or "really". It is derived from the word "vache" which means cow. So the name "Vachement Suisse" means really Swiss. That's why the majority of Vachement Suisse's products are made or designed in Switzerland. The word vachement also obviously evokes the ever popular image associated with Switzerland...the cow.